chef charlie

About our Restaurant

Sustainability is paramount to us. We burn no gas and cook only with replanted apple and cherry wood from local orchards. We buy wind power for our electricity needs. By sourcing our food from local farmers, our wine from local wineries, and our liquor from local distilleries, we aim not only to reduce the amount of carbon emissions from shipping, but also to support our local community.

Since opening almost ten years ago in 2013, The Marshal has been reminding New Yorkers that they live in the heart of a thriving, productive, and award-winning wine country by featuring only NY wineries on The Marshal wine list. 

Chef Charlie Marshall was raised in his parents' restaurant and on their farm on Lummi Island, in Puget Sound. Charlie's restaurant, The Marshal strives to emulate Chef Charlie's roots by creating approachable yet elevated farm-to-table cuisine. Chef Charlie is a member of (and occasional cookbook judge for) the International Association of Culinary Professionals. He also serves on the board of directors of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation and on the board of Slow Food NYC. Having grown up farm-to-table, Chef Charlie has always been a huge advocate of eating locally, harvesting responsibly, and supporting local farmers, wineries, and producers. From wood-fired and wind-powered cooking to a 100% locally sourced bar, Chef Charlie practices what he preaches. Come in and meet our chef sometime!