Gingerbread House Decorating Happy Hour (ages 21+ only)

Saturday Dec 2, Saturday Dec 16 and Sunday Dec 17, 3pm

When was the last time you decorated a gingerbread house? When was the last time you did it with an open bar, surrounded by holiday décor and downing awesome finger food? Never? So let’s do it! Each attendee gets their own pre-assembled Gingerbread house to decorate, icing in all the favorite holiday colors, candies for decorating, and most importantly an open bar. There are two dates to choose from, both start at 3pm and end at 5pm. And, yes, you get to take your decorated Gingerbread House home with you. Chef Charlie loves to do these decorating events and will be there to teach you how to apply the frosting, give you decorating ideas, and toast to your architectural skills! We’ll be filling all our seats, so make sure you book in even numbers of guests if you want the table to yourself.